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With years of Experience our chef's are excited to present you with the vision of bringing both Indian and Canadian Cuisine both in a single Kitchen.

Chef Anand Khatiat :

Chef Anand Khatiat has over 25 years of experience working in Kitchen. He has started his career working for a 5 star hotel for Oberoi Group in Mumbai, India. After working for 5 years in India for Oberoi Group, he decided to travel abroad and gain some international experience of other cuisines as well.

His journey started from Norway as his first International destination. Worked 3 years in Norway, then decided to move Singapore. Worked in Singapore for 1 year, then 3 years in Germany and last but not the least Canada. It been 15 years, chef is in Canada working for different restaurant.

He is super excited to present you with his vision in this restaurant.

Chef Uttam Rawat :

Chef Uttam Rawat has over 17 years of experience working in Kitchen with different Cuisines. He started his career in India working for a 5 star hotel. After working for 5 years in India, he decided to moved to Canada. He has been working in Canada for 12 years with different cuisines and worked at different Cities across Canada.

He is here to present you with some of his interesting and delicious food recipes.

We look forward to see you here..!

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